History & Tradition


The roots of Estede’s history lie with the Rosenauer family,
who commenced their trading house in 1711 and steadily built
up a flourishing business. In 1991 Albrecht Rosenauer founded
Estede, drawing upon his immense experience gained whilst
heading up the largest eyewear company in the world:
Carrera Optyl. Under Rosesnauer’s leadership, several
iconic collaborations such as Carrera, Porsche Design &


Hugo Boss were launched. His vision for Estede was simple
and remains true today: a world-class eyewear company that
offers exquisite, handmade, bespoke products. A true luxury
alternative to mass produced pieces. In 2008 Christoph
Rosenauer took over the business from his father, and has
continued to position Estede as the world’s most exclusive
manufacturer of Sunglasses & Frames.






1711 19th century 1977 1991 2008 2010

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